Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Science: The levitating Ping Pong Ball

This experiment got my girls ever so excited, they were all desperate to have another go.  It is because this experiment is like magic, making it great for entertaining friends and family and learning a bit about Bernoulli's principle at the same time. 

For this project you will need:

Monday, 28 July 2014

The frightening, the exciting and a bargain...

Yesterday was Sunday.  Sunday was not a good day. Sunday for us, metaphorically speaking was a black day. Everyone gets them from time to time and I don't really want to recount it here so I will skip to the most frightening bit and then tell you about more of the happy things we've been up to...


Friday it was HOT.  It had been hot all week and now it was a little too much for my four girls. The smallest one was squeaky, Honi was cheeky (but then, when isn't she) and the older two were whingey and whiny.  It was driving me nuts!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The first Love Letter

Today Honi was in the mood to learn something so I jumped at the chance.  First we finished off a project that was based around the book Dogger.  It's our last day as it's due back in the library today. I know this as we were there yesterday.

Yesterday's visit to the library was only meant to be a quick one, just so the girls could sign up for the reading challenge at the library.  It turns out they all need to have a library card so I went off to the front desk to get the smallest ones a card - we have always managed with just the three library cards so never thought to get them their own yet! Naughty me! 

Science: Why is it important to use soap?

Honi, my six year old, is always trying to get out of washing her hands and it is SO disgusting!  So I have been looking into ways to show her why it is important to wash your hands really well and why it is important to use soap to get it all off.
This is what I came up with and it was a HIT! 
  • Why do we have to clean our hands?

  • Why do we always use soap when cleaning things, whether it be dishes, clothes or our own body?
This is the experiment we did today, to discover how dirt works and why we use soap!
First you will need:

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


We didn't get up to as much as I had hoped over the weekend due to all the storms.  They do so give me headaches.  How beautiful they are though!

Naomi still went swimming and we all met up with their Nan at the coffee shop on the Saturday.  Sunday was still a lovely day, just a lovely lazy day.  Saturday night the older girls and their dad and I, stayed up for a good while counting to see how far away the storm was from us - frighteningly close.  It was amazing to watch and I was very excited indeed when I managed to capture the shot I was hoping for!

Monday was a day I was really looking forward to...

Monday, 21 July 2014

Chemistry: How to make iodine

In the UK iodine is unavailable to buy but there are so many things you can use iodine for in chemistry.  So I have put together this post on how you can make your own which makes for a fun and very educational activity at the same time.

This solution is very useful if you want to try Invisible Ink 4 in my post Invisible inks and the iodine clock reaction experiment.

You must be careful with this iodine solution. If you want to dispose of it dilute it with plenty of water and get rid of it down the sink.

To make iodine you will need:

Sunday, 20 July 2014

SCIENCE: How to make a SUPERCOOL Slush drink

This is a really fun and tasty experiment and I say it's a super cool one too as it works due to a phenomenon called SUPERCOOLING.  THIS WILL IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS!

What you will need to make your slushy drink:

Friday, 18 July 2014

Painting, pinwheels and paddling...

I started my day with an iced latte because WOW it was HOT today!  This morning I managed to do my Yoga and a little Pilates as well as get dressed and ready. 

Why I am telling you this is? You might be asking. Well, for the first time in ages, I was able to do this without a single drama going on down stairs with my four girls; there usually is and I usually end up holding a yoga class for little people in the end, so it was nice to have some time on my own to unwind before my day began.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

No need for clothes!

One of the best things about home educating my girls is that when there is a sunny day, and most of the children are still in school, we can make it to places like the beach; we can enjoy it in it's full glory without all the crowds of people there are when school is out.

So today, that is exactly what we did.

On the way to the station, Harmonie began to guess where we were going.  "Are we going on the train?" she asked beaming with joy. "I love the train!" she exclaimed when I nodded my head.
The sun was shining and it was just so hot that I knew I had to take the girls for a treat to the beach, I couldn't resist or wait another day so...

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Science: Step by Step how to make Electroactive slime

This is actually a really simple experiment.  In this experiment we will be learning about Electrostrictive and Dielectric Polymers and the science behind it.

How to conduct this experiment...

As Good As Gold!

Monday we thought we would try and pick up a little routine again, as routine in our house got lost over the last month. We picked up our schedule to see what topics we were covering for the day.  The older girls really liked knowing what they had to do for the day. 
Harmonie even demands to sit at the table and be taught, who am I to argue!  She also helped making these wholemeal raisin cookies...

Monday, 14 July 2014

A bigger picture...

Saturday, I fulfilled a promise; I believe that you should always try to keep your word, so Saturday night the girls made this...

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Free the Butterflies!

Fridays, for Chiara and Naomi,  we are making our creative day.  Anything creative goes so we carried on with our most recent project for art history...

Friday, 11 July 2014

Elephant toothpaste: The Lab Version

The Elephant Toothpaste Experiment is the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.  It is a great example of a catalysed reaction.

This version is the lab version, it is less child friendly than the yeast version.

Safety advice:

  • Be very careful when handling these chemicals: do not let it touch your skin, eyes or respiratory tract as they can leave severe burns; do not breathe it in, DO NOT CONSUME THEM!  If you do any of these things seek medical advice immediately.
  • It produces oxygen therefore must not be done near an open flame. It is best to perform this experiment in a well aerated area.
  • It is an exothermic reaction so the experiment needs more care given to it, you must not lean over the top of your container as you may be burnt by the steam.
  • You MUST wear GOGGLES
  • You must wear GLOVES
Young children should not be involved in the preparation or carrying out this experiment but can watch an adult perform the experiment - it is still fun to watch!
If you want to do this with younger children at home I would suggest the yeast version here: Elephant Toothpaste - the reaction is a slower one but still a lot of fun to watch.
How to conduct your experiment...