Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mother's Day: What is it all about?

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I have recently read a post called 'A Thought on Mothering Sunday or is it Mothers Day?'  It is a brilliant blog and it made me think about what Mother's Day is really all about. 
I have never really considered why we have Mothering Sunday/Mother's Day before reading Adventures in Homeschooling's blog about it; I have never thought to look back to it's origins!  As Prudence says, it's not about mums really, it's about someone in the catholic church adding another festival  really.  Obviously, the world of business has caught on very quickly indeed to how they can make money from these ancient old traditions .
Oh, then there is the REAL mother's day which is actually later on in the year in May (that usually sits on my birthday like it will this year) but then that is American and again puts so much pressure on us to spend money, money we don't necessarily have; they try and make us believe that money proves love.  It doesn't really though. 
LOVE, in my opinion, shouldn't be about material things.  All the best things in life are free after all - hugs, kisses, being listened to and cared for.  I just want my girls to be happy, but then I want that EVERY day.

Of course, there are the good bits of Mother's day for me:

  • the breakfast in bed (that I occasionally get)
  • The handmade cards by my babies
  • Handmade gifts
  • A tidier house (albeit only lasting a few minutes)
  • I get to chose the exciting activity for the day!
But then there are the bad bits:
  • The pressure the children feel to make my day 'special'
  • The pressure their dad feels to buy presents and take me out somewhere nice.
Although there are less points in the bad bits section they still make me feel that we need a little change on these days; not only do I have this on my mind now, but as a Christian that isn't catholic, I feel this goes against my beliefs: I don't worship Mary, so Mothering Sunday goes against what I believe being a Christian. 
I will however continue with Mother's Day (I no longer like the mothering Sunday term).  Why will I continue?  because my children are amused by it I suppose, because they love to make me cards and homemade gifts; because I do not encourage them to buy things but to make gifts themselves. 
It's more an excuse to do it really. 
I am a mother and that means bringing my girls up to be happy, to learn to give in love, to learn how to receive in love. 
To be completely honest, I can't wait to see their little faces!!! 
Perhaps I have given in to all the pressure myself and I am in denial?   I will take them somewhere they can play, I will join in with their games - in short it will be a regular Sunday apart from the cards in the morning.  Don't you think it's the handmade cards that make it best of all?  I digress...

It's really about the children, not mum.  That is what I am trying to say. It's a great way to make them think to appreciate the things people do for them everyday.  Of course it's something we try to teach them everyday but Mother's Day and Father's day kind of highlights these things, don't you think?
Thanks to Prudence and her post it has reminded me to tell the girls today that I already know how much they love me, and that everyday they do things for me it is just as special.  I suppose I want them to have their fun tomorrow and relieve some of that pressure.  We will see...

If you are celebrating like us, I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day with your little people!


  1. I love the way the children get excited about hiding their cards and presents from me. I also laugh at how I'm told that I don't have to "do" anything tomorrow, whereas another day they moan at doing any sort of chores!
    You're right the homemade cards and pressies are the best, the cup of tea that will be presented to me first thing in the morning with the biggest grin and the greeting of "surprise" even though they've made the biggest racket telling each other to be quiet in loud whispers! Magical! Enjoy your day Lisa x

    1. That's exactly it! Thank you Bridget, enjoy yours too x